The ForeignXchange Clothing & Apparel Company

About us

The ForeignXchange Clothing & Apparel Company is a street wear  apparel company focused on motivating and uplifting the consumer through expression and fashion. We are based out of Richmond Virginia co-owned and operated by brothers and Former Artist Christopher "C-Gillie" Giles and Music Manager James "Peppy" Johnson. Christoper developed the line in attempts to fill a void that he felt needed urgent attention. He personally felt that the consumer should not have to pay super marked up prices for quality apparel. Christopher wanted to use some of the same manufactures as the more seasoned designers and provide quality designs using quality material that you would not find in the average department stores. Chris worked diligently with top notch graphic artist/ tattoo artist, designers and manufactures to provide a quality and affordable street fashion label that the everyday consumer would be proud to wear. The name ForeignXchange is a play on The Foreign Exchange and currency markets. The theme is meant to motivate the investment in oneself  from a street perspective, get up, get money, and stay FLY! You see the bags of money our Bag Boy character and currency references. The word foreign is often associated with wealth, quality, high performance and more often different. We consider our street fashion line different from others even down to our logo which is a flag that somewhat represent the struggles, the ups and downs and appears as if its been through the storms but still standing. Our testament transitioning from a music industry faced with many challenges to a world of fashion and its fierce competition. We believe that the quality and the design of our street fashion line will separate us from the rest. Lastly the Xchange reference is just another subliminal play on words the "X' serves as a verbal to X out competitors and change is to lets change the way we purchase and consider high quality fashion but minus the hundreds and sometimes thousands that we are expected to pay for it. We are The ForeignXchange Clothing & Apparel Company #LIVEFOREIGN